In the future, people don’t need to work, there isn’t a struggle to survive.  With huge advancements in science, absolutely everything in society has become automated. The implementation of various types of android workers has made human labor irrelevant for society to thrive.  However, instead of using this freedom for the betterment, most people simply absorb the constant stream of entertainment directly into their skulls via a cerebral implant and wander the streets for hedonistic pleasures.

And the protagonist is no different.   He’s, in fact, worse.

He’s a lazy, wealthy, over-grown latchkey kid who poses as a slum dweller and secretly uses his over-powered tech to win street races, hook up with girls, and boost his ego. His once loving and wholesome family was torn apart by tragedy and he’s been skating by ever since. But when he unlocks the secrets of a long-dead racing hero, he gets set on a path to not only win in an unparalleled racing league but also find a way to save what’s left of his disjointed family.