The Story

Star Circuit’s story is set in a cyberpunk future full of advanced technologies like artificial intelligence, augmented reality networks and of course high-speed motorcycle racing.  With this story I am exploring that question your high school counselor probably asked you:  “If you never had to work another day in your life, what would you do?”  Now what if you decided to do nothing, stop trying so hard and relax?  Well, that’s great but what if everyone had that same choice. 

What if the whole world stopped trying? What if most people decided to just absorb the constant stream of entertainment into their skulls, and look for the next good time.

Well, Atlys Metric, our main character is no different.  He’s a narcissistic, lazy street-racer who doesn’t care about anything besides racing and getting girls.  But when he unlocks the secrets of his long-dead racing hero, he sets out on a journey to attempt something presumed impossible... race against the most advanced A.I. ever created.


The Creator

Joe Catapano is a comic artist currently living in Orlando, FL. He's worked on several small comic projects and Marvel sketch cards for Upper Deck.

Joe is currently working feverishly on Star Circuit development.


"Future machines will be human, even if they are not biological" -Ray Kurzweil